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        Wele to Juslaws & Consult where our team of Thai lawyers and International consultants are dedicated to supporting our clients' businesses in Thailand. And our experienced litigation lawyers protect the rights of our clients in and out of court.

        BKK +66 95 248 4292

        PHK +66 95 248 4292

        We are available by phone

        MON - FRI

        Opening hours 8:30am - 5:30pm

        Please feel free to visit

        Our Bangkok office is near

        Nana BTS Station  

        Contact Us

        Juslaws & Consult - English Speaking - Thailand Law Firm

        Juslaws & Consult is an innovative, independent Thailand law firm, dealing almost exclusively with international clients, who seek legal advice to start business in Thailand, or need help in other legal matters. Juslaws & Consult specializes in the following areas: setting up Thai panies, BOI, business affairs, corporate matters, tax issues, risk management, structuring and restructuring of pany entities suitable to different types of business, criminal and civil disputes, litigation or arbitration in the Kingdom of Thailand. You always can contact our team of Bangkok lawyers or our team of Phuket lawyers for help in any of these matters.

        Bangkok Lawyers - Phuket Lawyers

        Armed with a stable of well educated, lawyers and international English speaking law consultants we can provide our clients with top notch legal services. Aside from English we can provide services in several languages, including French, German and Chinese. With offices in Bangkok and Phuket Juslaws & Consult can serve a large part of the Thai legal market.

        Client mitment

        At Juslaws & Consult, we are mitted to our client's success and therefore, every task we undertake is geared towards this achievement. For this reason, we provide our clients with effective and prompt responses to your primary legal concerns and create a well-rounded team of lawyers to work on your behalf. Our client service standards affirm our mitment to prioritizing the needs of our clients and to ensure excellence in all that we do. Juslaws & Consult also maintains plete confidentiality in all records and remarks pertaining to our client's matters. We strictly uphold the Attorney-Client relationship.


        We have extensive experience and expertise to facilitate and assist with pany registration in Thailand for businesses of all sizes.

        BOI LAW

        The Board of Investment law provides incentives for foreigners willing to bring or open and operate businesses in the Kingdom of Thailand.


        Juslaws Lawyers can handle all matters related to property for foreigners such as acquisition of property, purchase agreements and more.

        TAX LAW

        Our law firm has extensive experience in providing corporate tax planning, advice and services to clients setting up businesses in Thailand.


        Juslaws & Consult has a dedicated litigation department with Thai lawyers who specialize in civil, criminal and administrative cases.

        FAMILY LAW

        Family law is a broad area that covers diverse issues. We have extensive experience dealing in legal family matters involving foreign clients.


        Thai employment law applies to both local Thais and foreign employees alike, but there are also additional provisions that apply to foreigners.


        Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to arbitration, mediation and other measures to settle a dispute outside the classical court system.

          Practice Areas of our Thailand Law Firm

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